Unique lunch experience for real hustlers!
Monday 13th of June at 12:00 press CTR + ALT + DEL, it's party time! Secretly sneak away with 3 other colleagues and find your Abel driver waiting in front of your office. Strap yourself in and let the adventure begin. SNCKBR will provide you lunch in the taxi to kickstart your break because we don’t want you to lose valuable time on the dance floor., Upon your arrival at WeWork, jump in the elevator and be prepared as your Monday’s haze is nothing but an old phase.

What you can expect?

Well that's kind of a secret. But def expect the DJ’s from Club Party Girls to give you everything they got to make this a 1 hour lunch break one you will never forget. And the best part is that at 2:00 pm you are back behind your desk, completely sober, full of energy,inspired and most importantly you will never associate Monday as the necessary evil.

Thank God
Its Monday!
To participate,we ask you to pass the test and fill in the form before 27th of May. From all the entries we chose 150 hustlers that receive a special ticketlink. Tickets are only €8.50 a person incl the taxi rides, free lunch and the party.

1. What do you do if you have one of those after lunch dips?
1. I take a sip/shot out of the coffee machine​

2. I invent a boring story and tell it to my colleagues, so I’m not the only one with an after lunch dip.

3. I scroll trough facebook for the 36th time, to conclude again that the life of my friends is so much more fun than mine.

1 2 3
2. Why are you coming to work everyday?
1. It pays the bill.

2. To listen to the crap stories of my colleagues.

3. because i follow my passion and i do what I love.

1 2 3
3. Where are you at 17:01?
1. Computer logged out, phone shut off. See you in two days folks! Tomorrow is my day off/rest day/Sabbath.

2. Working, what else? I don’t have a ‘9 to 5’ mentality, because I do what I love.

1 2
4. How do you go to your work?
1. Sitting on my heated seat of my leased car.

2. As long it’s not stolen, with the bike.

3. Tram or train, as long as it has a catenary.

4. With the new taxi service Abel.

1 2 3 4
5. Make a choice:
1. Do what you love.

2. Greed is good.

1 2
6. How do you dress to work?
1. A suit or a dress

2. A shirt, closed al the way up ‘till the last button.

3. Skinny jeans

4. A Hoodie

5. I have no idea…

1 2 3 4 5
Do you work in ‘Mokum’?
1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Is that a place in Friesland?

1 2 3
You passed the test! Fill in your contact details and we will let you know if you are selected to join The Lunchbreak.

Smoesjes Generator!
Are you not allowed to leave the office? No worries,
we’ve created the ‘Smoes generator’. Hit the button
and have your smoesje ready so that nothing comes
between you and The Lunchbreak!

Ps: Smoes means Excuse in English but the word is
just too cool to be translated;-)
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